Copyediting is proofreading intensified. This includes checking a work for issues involving grammar, punctuation, spelling, and general clarity. It may also include fixing awkward sentence construction and basic fact-checking.

Copyediting may be light or heavy, depending on the state of the manuscript and the needs of the author. (Heavy copyediting is sometimes referred to as "line editing" because the editor goes through the manuscript sentence by sentence, carefully weighing each word and punctuation mark.)

Content or Full Manuscript Editing

Content editing (sometimes known as "structural" or "full manuscript editing") looks at the work as a whole. In a novel, this might mean making sure the plot is well paced or that a secondary character's story arc isn't forgottenanything that makes the book better as a complete work. In an informational text, this means making sure that each chapter has a clear focus and that the chapters are arranged so that they build on each other.

My content editing usually includes in-depth copyediting, but authors who plan to make major revisions sometimes choose content editing without copyediting.

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Editing Services

Full Manuscript and copyediting



Types of Work Accepted




As a reader and an editor, I am familiar with multiple genres, in both fiction and nonfiction, as well as formal academic texts. The only genre I don't work in is erotica. If, for some reason, I feel that I am not the best editor for your work, I will let you know and attempt to direct you to someone else.

High-Quality, Professional Editing with a Personal Touch

Need your manuscript formatted according to a specific style guide?

No problem. I am intimately acquainted with with The Chicago Manual of Style and familiar with several other style guides, including MLA and APA.

Prices vary depending on the manuscript, the needs of the author, and the deadline. Copyediting usually costs less than content editing. An average manuscript might cost between $3 to $15 per page, but some cost less, and some, more. Rush jobs generally cost a little extra.

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My goal is to give your work the best edit possible within your budget.