I have degrees in English and writing from Indiana Wesleyan University. More importantly, I have years of experience with both content and copyediting from my freelance career and my time as Editorial Director at Bluegrass Publishing.


I have edited how-to books, novels, memoirs, inspirational books, poetry volumes, textbooks, academic papers, books on Christian spirituality, and much more.

I bring my passion for words and my own writing experience to my editing work. My publication credits include Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder: Scholars and Creators on 75 Years of Robin, Nightwing, and Batman; The 2015 Poet's Market; The Sow's Ear Poetry Review; The Upper Room; Cicada; Scrapbook Business Magazine; etc.

I look forward to hearing from you!

About Bethany

Full Manuscript and copyediting

High-Quality, Professional Editing with a Personal Touch


I can attest to her professional writing and editing skills. She has a keen eye for the details that will take your writing from ordinary to extraordinary. She is honest, meticulous, and a delightful person to work with. I highly recommend her for all your editing needs.

           — Linda LaTourelle King, author and publisher

I feel like one of the luckiest writers in the world to have found Bethany Brengan when I needed an editor for my manuscript. She went way beyond what I could have hoped for in every way. Bethany's editing skills (structural and line editing) were superb and her involvement improved my work immeasurably in terms of its accuracy, readability, and form. She was respectful, constructive, and engaged, and she also delivered the work she promised on time and on budget. Beyond that, Bethany provided insightful feedback, suggestions, and observations, and she also created an additional reference section for my book that provided a new dimension to its overall content. With all our communication, Bethany was gracious, generous, and responsive, and I know I would not have the published book I have today without her involvement. I commend Bethany to anyone seeking a highly skilled and experienced editor. She is a wonderful partner to any writer, established or new.
           — Jane Sloane, author

Bethany has been a joy to work with in the editing of several of my books. Her attention to the intricate and ever-changing world of verbal communication particulars is precise and intense. I haven’t worked with any other editor who verified sources and reference information to the degree she does. Bethany's suggestions for changes have always added to the content and flow of my work. She’s my #1 choice when I have a project that needs to be edited.

           — Paul W. Meier, author of the In Living Color series in Religion & Spirituality

Several years ago, one of Bethany Brengan’s professors at Indiana Wesley University recommended her to me as “a very skilled editor.” Now, having worked with her on both fiction and non-fiction projects, I am convinced that her skills were under-reported. She offers authors a tremendous depth of knowledge in language arts coupled with a servant’s attitude. I recommend her enthusiastically. 
           — Blake J. Neff, author of Terri’s Gift